The Prodigal (The Hands of the Potters #4) by Kristy Marie (non spoiler review)

Date Started: March 5th 2023
Date Finished: March 13th 2023

Characters: Remington & Eden

Rating: 5 🌟 s


The Prodigal is a steamy, frenemies to lovers, forbidden romance full of delicious angst and heart-wrenching revelations.

Remington Potter was a sarcastic jerk with a body of an avenging angel. He screamed good times and bad decisions.
But that’s not what made us friends.
His saving me that one night did—even if he denied it.
Remington Potter was my antihero.
I owed him at least a friendship and a plastic chair.
But I made one mistake.
I didn’t knock.
I didn’t look away.
All I saw was him on the floor.
And broken.
But that wasn’t the worst part.
I discovered Remington Potter wasn’t the mysterious savior I thought he was.
He was vengeful.
And I was the final piece in his game.

Review: What can I say about this last book in this series besides this is the first book I read this year as I still recover from a tonsillectomy and full mouth teeth extraction over the past two months?…
Okay now I know what I’m going to say about this book which is it made me laugh especially since I already knew Remington’s sarcastic way of doing things over the last 3 books and Eden complimented him just perfectly. They were each other’s Adam and Eve and I loved how Remington was able to change his mind about Eden from the time he met her , up until she does something life changing for him even though he didn’t ask for it which was so inspirational and heartless and I couldn’t love it more. And the last thing I want to say is that this series is so close to my heart and I’m so sad that it’s over now but I guess that’s what rereads are for right? Thank you Kristy Marie for making this not be a passion project for you, but you sharing these characters with the world is just what the world needs right now especially me who needed to know that my new life is just about to start just like Remington’s did by the end of the book.

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

The Sculptor (The Hands Of The Potters #3) by Kristy Marie (non spoiler review)

Date Started: October 15th 2022
Date Finished: November 5th 2022

Characters: Duke & Ramsey

Rating: 5 🌟s


The Sculptor is a steamy, second chance, forbidden romance full of angsty tension and devastating secrets.

Dr. Duke Potter is no hero.
Nor am I some damsel that needs saving—if that’s what we’re calling it.
But that’s exactly what Duke thinks he did when he found me on the arm of a short-tempered congressman, arranged to be married. I should have told him the truth.
The real reason behind my involvement with the congressman.
I shouldn’t have danced in his arms and reminisced about the time when we ran away together.
But I most definitely shouldn’t have chugged that last drink and said, “I do,” marrying my childhood love.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Duke and I have caused a scandal.
This time, though, we have more than just our reputations on the line.
Duke will never let me go.
There is no annulment in our future.
Only the consequences of the devastating secret I’ve kept from our past.

Review: Duke and Ramsey’s story was filled with every emotion in the human feels department and also I loved the humor within this story as well. If you need an emotional second chance RomCom then look no further than these two characters love story. This is definitely a favorite of 2022 that’s for sure.

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

The Star Crossed Lovers Duet by A. Jade ⭐ Double Cover Reveals ⭐


 The Star-crossed Lovers Duet from USA Today bestselling author @ashleyjadeauthor is coming January 2023!! The Choice, book 1, is releasing January 19th and book 2, The Consequence only one week later on January 26th! 

Get ready to dive back into the world of Sharp Objects, featuring guitarist, Memphis, in this angsty, gritty, off-limits, second chance romance! 

The world thought I belonged to another man…

they were wrong.

The Star-crossed Lovers Duet:

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ashley Jade comes a gritty, off-limits romance about mistakes, choices, and love conquering all. 

He was the mysterious dark knight always swooping in to save me when I needed it most. 

I was the troubled girl with scars and a bleeding heart. 

He was the gifted guitarist destined for big things. 

I was the small-town girl battling her demons. 

He was my earth….always keeping me grounded. 

And I was his sky…always just out of his reach. 

Our love was everything I wished for. 

Until I destroyed it. 

I never thought I’d see Memphis Payne again after I broke his heart, but the stars had other plans. 

Because here he is…needing me to clean up his mess this time. 

Only problem is…

Doing so will break both our hearts. 

They say only the strongest love can survive an apocalypse.

That if two people are meant to be, they’ll find their way back to each other. 

I hope they’re right. 

To Lose You (Allure #3) by N Isabelle Blanco (non spoiler review)

Date Started: September 9th 2022
Date Finished: September 11th 2022

Characters: Dorian & Demi

Rating: 5 🌟 s



“I was a God back then. Untouchable. Consequences didn’t apply to me. It was my right to do whatever I wanted—I never thought it would eventually cost me the one woman I’d ever fallen in love with.”

I should’ve just told her everything from day one.

Not that it would have mattered. I always knew it’d be too much.

That the dirt of my past would ruin us.

I can’t blame her for leaving me. For the pain everything caused her.

If I were a nice guy, I’d let her go.

Maybe I’m an evil bastard, but whatever the fuck it takes, that woman will return to me.


“You think you know someone’s reputation—then you find out it’s so much dirtier than you imagined.”

My soul is addicted. Living without him is impossible.

Five months of having him and it feels like I’ve never lived without him at all.

Now, I’ll have to learn. Will have to rip him out of my being.

Or I can choose to suffer through the struggle.

To fight.

To accept the pain in order to keep him.

To go up against everyone standing in our way.

Including my own father.

Review: This book is the conclusion to Dorian and Demi’s story in the Allure series and I gotta say, these character wrung me through the ringer in this final book. So many twists and turns had me wondering if Dorian and Demi were ever going to make it and boy did it drive me crazy until the end? Yes it did, but I’m so happy that they got their happily ever after in the end. I highly recommend this whole series to anyone whose looking for a twisty dark erotic taboo romance then look no further than the Allure series.

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

To Have You (Allure #2) by N Isabelle Blanco (non spoiler review)

Date Started: September 7th 2022
Date Finished: September 9th 2022

Characters: Dorian & Demi

Rating: 5 🌟 s


He’s ripped me apart, held the pieces of me are wide open, and gotten inside every part of me.

Four months.
That’s how long it’s been since I’ve lost my mind.
I’m trapped.
And I have no desire to escape.

I feel like he’s tainted my code, altered my DNA, and bonded me to him.

I’ve fallen in love with my lover.
But secrets are beginning to unravel.
Soon, I’ll have to let him go.

It never occurred to me he wouldn’t let me leave…

Review: This book starts off where the last book ended and I have to say that Dorian and Demi’s story still makes me wanna turn the pages to see what happens next. This also ends on a cliffhanger in which I have to read the final book to see how this couple ends up together. So on to reading the final book in the Allure series my friends.

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

To Want You (Allure #1) by N Isabelle Blanco (non spoiler review)

Date Started: September 5th 2022
Date Finished: September 6th 2022

Characters: Dorian & Demi

Rating: 5 🌟 s


I knew her as a child.
Her father was best friends with mine.
When he asked, of course I agreed to bring her into my company as an intern.
I had no idea what the hell I was getting myself into.

Eleven years separate me and that girl.
My relationship with her father is too important to risk losing.
Tasting her has become an obsession I can’t let go.

And making sure no one else has her is going to become my God damned downfall.

Review: This is my third book by N. Isabelle Blanco that I’ve read and I gotta tell you, her stories are so addicting that you can’t put it down until the very last page which is also the case with this one. So if you’re looking for something that’s taboo and dark as well as steamy especially between a boss and his employee then look no further than this series, you won’t regret it so now on to the second book in Dorian and Demi’s forbidden story.

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center (non spoiler review)

Date Started: August 23rd 2022
Date Finished: September 4th 2022

Characters: Hannah & Jack

Rating: 5 🌟 s


She’s got his back.
Hannah Brooks looks more like a kindergarten teacher than somebody who could kill you with a wine bottle opener. Or a ballpoint pen. Or a dinner napkin. But the truth is, she’s an Executive Protection Agent (aka “bodyguard”), and she just got hired to protect superstar actor Jack Stapleton from his middle-aged, corgi-breeding stalker.

He’s got her heart.
Jack Stapleton’s a household name—captured by paparazzi on beaches the world over, famous for, among other things, rising out of the waves in all manner of clingy board shorts and glistening like a Roman deity. But a few years back, in the wake of a family tragedy, he dropped from the public eye and went off the grid.

They’ve got a secret.
When Jack’s mom gets sick, he comes home to the family’s Texas ranch to help out. Only one catch: He doesn’t want his family to know about his stalker. Or the bodyguard thing. And so Hannah—against her will and her better judgment—finds herself pretending to be Jack’s girlfriend as a cover. Even though her ex, like a jerk, says no one will believe it.

What could possibly go wrong???
Hannah hardly believes it, herself. But the more time she spends with Jack, the more real it all starts to seem. And there lies the heartbreak. Because it’s easy for Hannah to protect Jack. But protecting her own, long-neglected heart? That’s the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Review: I can officially say that after reading this book, I so needed this at this moment in my life. It had teachable moments where Hannah taught me that even during the times of self doubt or when someone is putting you down that you shouldn’t always believe what that person is saying because in the end you will find your own fictionalized Jack Stapleton someday who will love you for who you are and not someone you’re truly not and that you should accept yourself for more than just your flaws because your flaws just makes you who are and that loving yourself should be enough for you because not everyone is gonna see you the same way that others do and all that matters is that you should surround yourself with people and things that make you happy which is what truly matters at the end of the day. Now you’re wondering if I would recommend this book to every reader out there in the world? Well the answer to that is definitely because as the author says in her author’s note which I’m paraphrasing: Everyone needs a book that will take you away from all the troubles in the current world and put you into a fictional world where you can lose yourself for days, weeks or even hours from your real life to emerge within a world of laughs and moments that make you swoon as well as gives us something wise to hold on to so I hope my review convinces you to try out The Bodyguard by Katherine Center because trust me you’re going to absolutely love it as much as I did while reading it. So that’s a wrap everyone and now on to reading a new book that I can get you to try out…

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir by Colton Haynes (non spoiler review)

Date Started: July 17th 2022
Date Finished: August 2nd 2022

Rating: 5 🌟s

A brutally honest and moving memoir of lust, abuse, addiction, stardom, and redemption from Arrow and Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes.

Four years ago, Colton Haynes woke up in a hospital. He’d had two seizures, lost the sight in one eye, almost ruptured a kidney, and been put on an involuntary psychiatry hold. Not yet thirty, he knew he had to take stock of his life and make some serious changes if he wanted to see his next birthday.

As he worked towards sobriety, Haynes allowed himself to become vulnerable for the first time in years and with that, discovered profound self-awareness. He had millions of social media followers who constantly told him they loved him. But what would they think if they knew his true story? If they knew where he came from and the things he had done?

Now, Colton bravely pulls back the curtain on his life and career, revealing the incredible highs and devastating lows. From his unorthodox childhood in a small Kansas town, to coming to terms with his sexuality, he keeps nothing back.

By sixteen, he had been signed by the world’s top modeling agency and his face appeared on billboards. But he was still a broke, lonely, confused teenager, surrounded by people telling him he could be a star as long as he never let anyone see his true self. As his career in television took off, the stress of wearing so many masks and trying to please so many different people turned his use of drugs and alcohol into full-blown addiction.

A lyrical and intimate confession, apology, and cautionary tale, Miss Memory Lane is an unforgettable story of dreams deferred and dreams fulfilled; of a family torn apart and rebuilt; and of a man stepping into the light as no one but himself.

Review: This is the second celebrity memoir I’ve read and I normally don’t rate them either but Colton’s story deserved to be rated and it definitely made me a new fan of his after reading what he went through and what encouraged him to fight his own inner demons as well as the courage to come out and truly live the life he now has. And I hope this reaches everyone who felt like their lives was spiraling out of control to the point of no return but then they manage to take back said life and now they live their truth out loud and don’t let others tear them down even though other people still try to do so. Bravo Colton for letting us hear your truth even though it was ugly and beautiful at the same time. Highly recommend others to read this rather you’re going through it or not because it still really is worth your time and just maybe it’ll make you an even bigger fan of his or you just might find that you’d love to become a fan just like I have over the course of reading this heartbreakingly beautiful person’s story…

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

The Refiner by Kristy Marie (The Hands of the Potters #2) (non spoiler review)

Date Started: July 23rd 2022
Date Finished: July 26th 2022

Characters: Astor & Keagan

Rating: 5 🌟s

Dr. Astor Potter was everything I despised in a man.
It didn’t matter that he was my sister’s one-night stand or her closest colleague.
I wasn’t charmed by his philanthropy or the way he made babies laugh using those ridiculous voices.
Dr. Potter was cold, detached, and reeked of disdain.
Nothing mattered to him.
Not the messages I left.
Or the tears I shed.
Nothing brought him to life.
Until my sister died.
And I placed my newborn niece in his arms.
Her father’s arms.
He didn’t know about the baby.
Neither did I.
They say love can’t be born from hate and grief.
I’m inclined to agree.
But then he asked me to stay…

While I was reading The Refiner, I noticed that Kristy Marie sprinkled in some humor with her emotional scenes and then gave us a HEA that I absolutely adored between these characters. Once again Kristy, you have blown me away with your creativity in any situation that you put your characters in and that’s why I keep wanting to read every single release that you drop. To everyone whose looking for a dramedy filled with emotional elements and angsty elements with some steam sprinkled in, then you need to read Astor and Keagan’s story because it gives you all that and more.

Happy Reading Everyone 💙

The House Across The Lake by Riley Sager (non spoiler review)

Date Started: July 10th 2022
Date Finished: July 16th 2022

Characters: Casey Fletcher

Rating: 5 🌟s


It looks like a familiar story: A woman reeling from a great loss with too much time on her hands and too much booze in her glass watches her neighbors, sees things she shouldn’t see, and starts to suspect the worst. But looks can be deceiving…

Casey Fletcher, a recently widowed actress trying to escape a streak of bad press, has retreated to her family’s lake house in Vermont. Armed with a pair of binoculars and several bottles of liquor, she passes the time watching Tom and Katherine Royce, the glamorous couple living in the house across the lake.

Everything about the Royces seems perfect. Their marriage. Their house. The bucolic lake it sits beside. But when Katherine suddenly vanishes, Casey becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her. In the process, she discovers the darker truths lurking just beneath the surface of the Royces’ picture-perfect marriage. Truths no suspicious voyeur could begin to imagine–even with a few drinks under her belt.

Like Casey, you’ll think you know where this story is headed.

Think again.

Because once you open the door to obsession, you never know what you might find on the other side.

Review: This is my fourth book by this author and I gotta say, He definitely continues to amaze me with his writing chops and this book was no exception. It had me on a roller coaster and there were multiple moments that reminded me of some of his books in clue form especially the Lock Every Door clue which I hope people who had read that book notices. Now I need to read Final Girls and The Last Time I lied and I’ll be caught up. Now back to this book, I hope everyone picks it up and devours it as much as I did. Highly recommend that you do it before the year is up because you won’t be disappointed when you do read it, I’ll tell you that much. And the ending was wrapped up in a nice little bow. It’s a definite favorite of 2022 that’s for sure….

Happy Reading Everyone 💙